Monday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Article about torture during interrogations in South Africa, exposed by the Wits Justice Project
  • Some lawmakers in the Florida want to speed up executions
  • How the Retrial Act (which allows old cases to be reopened when new evidence of innocence surfaces) has given hope to the innocent in Thailand
  • In California, walking 600 miles for the innocent
  • Connecticut Innocence Project gets new director
  • The Mississippi Supreme Court has thrown out the testimony of the prolific and controversial medical examiner Steven Hayne and ordered a new trial for convicted murderer David Parvin in a unanimous decision. It’s the second time in 20 years that the court has found problems with Hayne’s testimony in a murder case and may foreshadow things to come.
  • Editorial on the need to compensate exonerees in the state of Washington
  • Dallas DA Watkins discusses freeing the wrongfully convicted
  • This month marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most significant Supreme Court decisions this country’s criminal justice system has ever known – Gideon V. Wainwright. The case, along with later decisions, cemented the 6th amendment right to counsel for anyone, regardless if they have the ability to pay.But in a quick scan of the media today of monthly magazines to news dailies on the topic, readers will find one unified reflection expressed — half a century after Gideon, we are far from realizing effective representation for all.  Keep reading here

  • Exoneree and football player Brian Banks talks about signing with the Atlanta Falcons
  • Details on Innocence Project New Orleans’ upcoming 12th annual gala

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