Exoneree Fernando Bermudez on a Lecture Tour in Germany

From Fernando Bermudez:

Exoneree Fernando Bermudez is now touring around Germany, giving lectures about his experience and the innocence movement in the United States. The cities he will be visiting are: Bochum, Greifswald, Berlin, Passau, Tübingen, Wiesbaden, and Freiburg. Read the news here (in German).

Fernando Bermudez served over 18 years in New York prisons, following his wrongful conviction for murder, until proven innocent in 2009. All in all, it took eleven appeals to prove his actual innocence and regain his freedom at age 40. His conviction was based on illegal identification procedures and misconduct by both the police and the prosecutor. In the end, the state even admitted that its star witness had committed perjury. A journalist, a lawyer, and former detec- tives helped prove his innocence by working pro bono – free of charge. This shifted the economic resources of a criminal justice system where police and prosecutors often have an economic advantage when pursuing cases against poor criminal defendants. After his release, Fernando Bermudez, married with three kids, completed his bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science. Now, while adjusting to life outside of prison, he is considering law school and also lectur- ing. His 2013 schedule includes engagements at Princeton University and in Japan.

Please contact bermudezfrnnd@aol.com for more information.

One response to “Exoneree Fernando Bermudez on a Lecture Tour in Germany

  1. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    The Tree of Liberty thirsts for some blood from perjuring witnesses and rogue prosecutors .

    ☺ Samurai swords are not that expensive ☺

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