Friday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Texas moves one step closer to establishing an exoneration review commission
  • Kevin Curtis, the Elvis impersonator falsely accused of mailing letters laced with ricin to Barack Obama and U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, was released Tuesday night and gave an exclusive, and bizarre, interview to CNN’s Piers Morgan.
  • In Canada, man wrongfully convicted of rape sues government 43 years later
  • California Innocence Project supporters soon to begin their 600 mile walk for justice
  • Great DNA access decision by Kentucky Supreme Court
  • Spotlight on new West Virginia Innocence Project
  • The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has refused to hear en banc a 2012 decision affirming a grant of habeas corpus where the panel referenced scientific literature submitted by amicus curiae, The Innocence Project, on ways in which in-court identifications can be tainted by the facts of the crime, prior identification procedures and other factors.

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