Actor/Director Tony Goldwyn: What You Can Do to Reduce Wrongful Conviction?

What can you do to reduce the wrongful conviction of the innocent? “You don’t have to make a movie. You don’t have to write a book.” Actor/Director Tony Goldwyn urges everyone to get engaged, to use social media to tell the story.

It’s an important two-minute message that, if widely implemented, will change public policy, will accelerate the implementation of best practices in criminal justice, and will raise the quality and integrity of  justice.

11 responses to “Actor/Director Tony Goldwyn: What You Can Do to Reduce Wrongful Conviction?

  1. Yes, absolutely. The education of the “voting electorate” is essential to accomplishing the legislative actions and reforms required to address so many of the wrongful convictions issues.

    • Your reply is not only helpful but spot-on! That’s what we have been trying to do in Arizona but they chose to ignore us. The legislators answer to the top law enforcers, the Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and their “prosecutor lobbyists” who live at the State Capitol. Need suggestions on how to break through this wall of power and control. They say Arizona has no wrongful convictions and no Brady violations! Please enlighten them. They’ve slammed the lids on us, the families of the falsely accused, wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned and gotten away with it for years — at least since Ray Krone was exonerated.

  2. Well posted. As in so many human challenges, the solution lies in individual awareness, which is interesting when you consider what a potent force many people working together can be.

  3. Great post and suggestions!

  4. Camille,
    For at least two “suggestions,” see this previous post.

    Phil Locke

  5. Can start by prosecuting bad prosecutors,and send them to jail for a long time the way they treat poor innocent people. Cut federal funding for some of these prosecutions The ones that willfully and intentionally go after people with no evidence probable cause, or due process, like the one that maliciously prosecuted me because I filed false arrest complaint against him, and the judge for violating my 4th amendment right (no Preliminary Hearing) for stopping pay on my own check to a fraudulent unlicensed contractor in the aftermath of of Hurricane Katrina. This was a grant to repair my home by FEMA. i had no priors, and a senior citizen. My credit admitted it was their fault, my conviction remained. The same prosecutor prosecuted my then 17 yr. old son because a predator teacher 50 plus yrs. old said she saw his private part, when I asked to see school cameras no one would talk. I had 2 paid lawyers on my case, and 3 on his, and none would use compelling evidence i had, nor put up a decent defense. My son was convicted of Attempted obscenity (no such crime, or statue but has obscenity in his record, no priors. he spent 4 months in jail, had a job, and had graduated from high school and went on to a technical college. One of the teachers they used to corroborate the 1st teachers story (active bipolar disorder) that testified against him was already convicted for DWI, and on probation when she lied on him at trial, and when he was sentenced she was back in court, with her second DWI. My son was in and out of this court since 17 about this, and was convicted April 24, 2012. (all that time)Our story is shared in the Lawless America movie. my appeal was denied, cronyism! i was ordered to pay $388 per month restitution out of my retirement pension of $586. the appeals court said restitution should be based on my income. The district judge said this is what he wanted me to pay. I paid it for 10 months with help from family, and is in arrears, although I have been paying $100 per month since. He said if my payments aren’t current by 6/18/2013 I will be imprisoned. I couldn’t get any organization to look into this for me, I thought there would have been some senior citizen services that would at least try to get this installment reduced. This judge or prosecutor does not go by the law, and there are so many just like them. And they are three times as bad in these rural towns. Please feel free to open this link and read my story.

  6. Thank you for posting this Nancy. This is an excellent message for all organizations working to correct wrongful convictions.

  7. Bottom line this could happen to anyone. I often am told that if someone is in prison they must have caused it to happen. In reality prisons are big business. The United States puts more people in prison than any other country on the planet. All that needs to happen is someone has a story. You can land in prison because someone said you did something. There does not need to be proof. Just a good story will do. This must stop. End wrongful convictions today !

  8. The justice system needs to be reformed. It Could Happen To You is working in NY to reduce the wrongful convictions. To learn more about our efforts visit

  9. It is hard to get people involved with the truth or even to help someone who is in prison that is wrongfully convicted. My husband is not only wrongfully convicted of two crimes but is ILLEGALLY in prison. He is the only man, as we know of, where all of his Civil Rights were thrown out of the window. He has been in prison now for 34 years. We have new evidence and DNA. But no Innocent project will touch his case, which is not right. We need help. Here is our blog site with his story and some evidence: Will anyone help us????

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