Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Duke Law School’s Innocence Program, which includes the Wrongful Convictions Clinic and Innocence Project®, has been awarded a $249,718 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Irish Innocence Project joins the debate over a DNA database in Ireland
  • Wrongful convictions of women topic of panel discussion in Chicago on September 25th
  • The decision by Cook County State’s Attorney (Chicago) Anita Alvarez to set aside the convictions of two men Tuesday, leading to their release from prison and into the arms of family members and lawyers, underscored the fact that Illinois’ problems with wrongful convictions are far from over.  But Alvarez’s handling of the cases of Carl Chatman and Lathierial Boyd also may signal a shift in her approach to wrongful conviction cases, one that has given her a reputation as a prosecutor who slow-walks innocence claims and dismisses convictions only when she has no choice.  More…

One response to “Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. About Anita Alvarez. Leopards don’t change their spots that easily. This is the woman (prosecutor) who wanted to investigate students at Northwestern’s Medill Innocence Project, because they challenged one of her convictions. Any “change” on her part will have to stand the test of time. And I also smell a political motive. Cynical? Yes.

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