Rob Warden to Continue the “Good Fight”


As previously reported here on this blog, Rob Warden, co-founder and director of the Northwestern Law Center on Wrongful Convictions has set a retirement date.

However, his efforts and his impact on the innocence movement won’t end there.  This recent article from the Chicago Tribune talks about his post retirement plans.

One of the things in the article that I found “of interest” was the comment by the office of Cook County State’s Attorney, Anita Alvarez:  “It is our hope that the new leadership there will display a more respectful and fair-minded view of the work of the prosecutor, rather than the cynical ‘Us versus Them’ theory disseminated by Mr. Warden throughout the course of his tenure.”

Now, I ask you; is this not the pinnacle of hypocrisy?

7 responses to “Rob Warden to Continue the “Good Fight”

  1. Phil, Another great article. Your closing line is spot-on!

  2. In Maricopa County, Arizona: 2nd top prosecutor (chief charging prosecutor for years) officially disbarred.

    Maricopa County’s chief “charging” prosecutor officially disbarred.

    “Ex-Prosecutor Lisa Aubuchon Can’t Have Law License Back, Arizona Supreme Court Says”


    Published 1, September 18, 2013 Constitutional Law , Courts , Criminal law ,Lawyering 19 Comments

  4. Need your comments at the Arizona Supreme Court Rules Forum regarding, Larry Hammond, Petitioner filed the original brief, Amendment for ER 3.8 – Ethics responsibility of prosecutors

    Reopened for public comment. Deadline: October 25, 2013

    The briefs and comments are on the website. The media is not covering this. Public dialog and action is needed.

    Comments made AFTER Debra Milke’s conviction and sentence were overturned by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, March 14, 2013…. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s Response (NO wrongful convictions in AZ!) to AZ SC Amendment ER 3.8 – new evidence & exculpatory evidence; On May 20, 2013, AG Tom Horne, says NO Brady violations in Arizona.

  5. Ms. Alvarez needs to understand why prosecutors like herself are not respected, with the awesome power they have, have seemed to forgotten their job as ministers of justice. Much harm and destruction, has been done to innocent people and their families across the nation.

    We greatly respect those, like Rob Warden, who saw a problem and went against all odds to begin to solve the manifest injustice done to so many thousands of people.

    New Study: PROSECUTORS, Not Police, Have Driven Prison Population Growth
    “The United States prison population has exploded over the past 40 years. But why? Have police been making more arrests? Have prosecutors been charging more people with crimes? Have judges been issuing longer sentences? Have parole boards become stricter? (All of the above?) Since many accounts of mass incarceration collapse “the criminal justice system” into a single monolith, it can be hard to know exactly what part of the system has driven the growth in the prison population.

    A new empirical study by Fordham law professor John Pfaff aims to provide a more granular explanation of the causes of mass incarceration. Pfaff concludes that only one other relevant number has changed as dramatically as the prison population has: the number of felony case filings per arrest. In other words, police haven’t been arresting more people:….”

  6. It is clear that Ms. Alvarez’s comments are a testimony to the success of Rob and the CWC. How disrespectful on her part and what a poor reflection on her Office. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” Let’s see some positive results from her office as well.

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