Singapore courts review death penalty convictions under amended legislation: Yong Vui Kong

I previously blogged on the 2012 legislative amendments to Singapore’s Penal Code and Misuse of Drugs Act, which give Singapore judges some discretion over imposing the death penalty in cases of murder and drug trafficking – offences that previously carried the mandatory death penalty. Singapore Courts have been reviewing cases and deciding which convicted persons may have their death sentences replaced under these amendments.

Among the cases reviewed so far is the high profile case of Yong Vui Kong. Since his 2008 conviction, locally-based activists in Singapore have ceaselessly campaigned for the reconsideration of Yong’s case based on his circumstances. On 14 November 2013, the Singapore High Court reduced Yong’s death sentence to life imprisonment and 15 strokes of the cane.

As mentioned in my earlier post, these 2012 legislative amendments, by circumscribing the application of the death penalty, will positively impact investigations into possible wrongful convictions. The only independent organisation specialising in such investigations in Singapore is the Singapore Innocence Project, which was established by students from the National University of Singapore and formally launched in May 2013. Though an imprisonment based on a wrongful conviction can seldom be truly compensated, at least, in cases of imprisonment, those found to be wrongfully convicted will be alive to experience relief and vindication.

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