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    The Innocence Project of Florida’s decision to put Gary Bennett’s nearly 30-year-old frame-up on a back burner to free Cheydrick Britt makes William “Tommy” Zeigler’s execution almost a certainty, after 37+ wrongful years on death row. Then-prosecutor Jeff Ashton luridly linked Gary and Tommy’s cases by recycling a vile lie after Gary’s case landed in Ashton’s unclean hands by incurably tainted transfer. There were three upset Brevard/Seminole convictions nearly identical to Gary’s, two were upset with Innocence Project involvement. There are firm indications of the IPF deliberately throwing Gary under the bus, such as not blogging about him since 2009. Hefty Bar donations and a hefty Justice Department grant may play into the IPF’s skewed decision making, likely because of the federal agents use of charlatan dog John Preston (and others). Preston was used against Gary as well as the other three exonerees in the same circuit. He was also used in Jeff Ashton’s circuit, with feds involvement, which resulted in hapless schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson’s execution.

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