Former Judge Blows the Whistle on Police and Prosecutors

Stuart Namm was a judge in Suffolk County, NY.  When he became suspicious of, and started questioning, actions by police and prosecutors in criminal cases he became the victim of political reprisal and personal intimidation that ultimately forced him off the bench.

This quote from a recent Long Island Newsday story about Judge Namm both provides a “bottom line” to the story, and also echoes points that have been previously stated on this blog about the problems with politically elected prosecutors and judges (see here):

For Namm, the moral of his story is that elected trial judges are too compromised by politics to speak out against injustices they see.  ‘What happened in Suffolk County happened because trial judges are elected in the political system,’ he said. His fellow judges wouldn’t get involved because they were worried about the need to get re-elected, he said. And after how his tenure ended, he said they were right to be worried.”

Read the Long Island Newsday story here.

3 responses to “Former Judge Blows the Whistle on Police and Prosecutors

  1. Dead Evil Predators (DEP) can not intimidate honest judges .
    Henry Arms (NJ) makes a 4 round lever action .45-70 .
    Shrink the heads of a few tyrants then send them to the appropriate association or union with a note politely requesting tNemohat the association or union ask their members to be more kind and follow the rule of law .
    Admittedly some tweaking of the Bill of Rights would be necessary , but i respectfully suggest that such a protocol would work.
    Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

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