The Trouble With Shaken Baby Syndrome

Here is yet another heart-rending story about how a child abuse pediatrician’s blind dedication to the mistaken medical dogma of Shaken Baby Syndrome tore apart the lives of innocent parents and their children, and brought them to financial ruin.

Read the Seattle Met Magazine story here.

2 responses to “The Trouble With Shaken Baby Syndrome

  1. Camille Tilley

    Mr. Locke, Outstanding article. Financial ruin is what all those drawn into the broken criminal justice system face, as we continue on the path to self-destruct America, so a handful of profiteers in all this can “win”. Shameful.

  2. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    A tragedy is the death of an infant from a brain trauma whether medically or abuse related .

    A R E A L tragedy is when so¯called experts , UNAWARE OF WHAT THEY DO NOT KNOW , trash the life of others by testifying as gospel , unintentional false statements to support a conviction of abuse where there is no such abuse .

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