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  1. Saw your project advertised on TV last evening. You are doing great work. Unfortunately, inside the military, defendants are sometimes wrongfully convicted as well. Here is the story of one who was exonerated:

    THE WHOLE TRUTH, the Tainted Prosecution of an American Fighter Pilot – available on Amazon:
    “Under pressure to clean up its reputation for sexual harassment and abuse, the United States military is aggressively prosecuting sexual assault cases. One Air Force member accused is fighter pilot Lt. Col. James Wilkerson. With no physical evidence and conflicting testimony, the Air Force ignored facts and used questionable tactics in a relentless pursuit of the high-profile case. In THE WHOLE TRUTH, retired Col. Bob Harvey puts the case itself on trial, using court-martial records to examine the story point by point. With shocking clarity, he reveals the flaws in the case and the machinations of military officials whose code of honor and integrity are endangered by political influence.”

    The story of THE WHOLE TRUTH will interest true crime readers, political junkies, the U.S. military and, in particular, defense attorneys.

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