Challenges to ‘Shaken Baby’ Convictions Mounting

There is an excellent (and brief) article on the current state of post-conviction SBS challenges that appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal.

You can read that story here.

Thanks to Keith Findley, co-founder of the Wisconsin Innocence Project and current president of the National Innocence Network, for passing this along.

One response to “Challenges to ‘Shaken Baby’ Convictions Mounting

  1. This is yet another thorough, insightful act of journalism by Dee Hall, one of the best investigative journalists in the US. With the active cooperation of both Dee and the Wisconsin State Journal, we have reposted (and maintain) at our website many of her outstanding reports on wrongful convictions, many of which were instrumental in obtaining exonerations. Use the search engine on the main page of to search for “Dee Hall” and see what I mean.

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