17, on Death Row …. and Innocent

Shareef Cousin was once the youngest person in the US on death row.

His case is yet another example of how mistaken (or false) eyewitness testimony can override an airtight alibi.  And this one was also compounded by a Brady violation regarding the eyesight of the witness, a lying detective, and coerced snitch testimony.

Cousin has recently authored a CNN article decrying the death penalty.

This quote from the article:  “It is hard to argue that the death penalty is applied fairly. Take it from me, someone who lived alongside guys on death row: The system does not identify and sentence “the worst of the worst” to death — just the most powerless.”

You can read the CNN article here.

One response to “17, on Death Row …. and Innocent

  1. Excellent article! This past week the FL Tommy Ziegler, death “ready” case was featured on Investigation Discover. On CCN, last night the FL Chris Maharaj case was featured. Florida has a serious problem with their wrongful conviction cases that demand new trial and re-open investigations. It’s appalling to see what was done to Ziegler and Maharaj – frame ups. While the prosecutors moved on and up to judge positions?

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