Botched Execution in Arizona

Joseph Wood was put to death by the state of Arizona yesterday.

“It took one hour and 57 minutes for the execution to be completed, and Wood was gasping for more than an hour and a half of that time.”

See the AOL story here.

4 responses to “Botched Execution in Arizona

  1. Who sent up AZ trial balloon for new #PrisonIndustrialComplex revenue stream? @AP?? | Wobbly Warrior’s Blog

    Posted on September 1, 2014by Susan Chandler
    Arizona picks company to review Wood execution

    PHOENIX AP – The Arizona Department of Corrections has chosen a firm to review its investigation of the nearly two-hour execution of Joseph Rudolph Wood …

    The department is not commenting while the review is ongoing. The proposed cost by Carter Goble Lee is $62,680.

    via Arizona picks company to review Wood execution.

    “I went to the Associated Press’ website to see if they had duly reported that Carter Goble Lee, according to their own PR, apparently has no related experience or expertise that would ensure Arizona taxpayers a reasonable outcome for their $62,680.

    The AP’s search engine was non-productive, at least as regards this particular facet of this particular Arizona execution.

    Arizonans aren’t the only ones routinely fleeced in the name of justice, every ordinary American pays through the nose for swift, sure justice, only to have justice become less swift and sure by the hour.

    It has to stop.

    The Associated Press is a tax exempt organization.

    If the AP indeed sent up a trial balloon for an inappropriate new revenue stream for international Prison Industrial Complex player CGL, it ought get caught.

    And punished.”

    No entity has any inherent right to tax exemption.”

  2. Please delete the above comment, meant for another article. Thanks.

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