Prosecutorial Misconduct in Orange County

An Orange County (California) Superior Court judge ruled on Monday that prosecutors committed serious misconduct in a case involving Orange County’s deadliest mass shooting.  And although the judge denied defense motion to bar the death penalty and remove the DA’s Office from the case, he did find multiple examples of prosecutorial misconduct in this and other cases.  Today’s report in the Orange County Register details these allegations and others against both the prosecutors and jail staff including withholding evidence from the defense, misusing jailhouse informants, etc. The judge also said in his report that he believed many witnesses, including prosecutors and law enforcement officers were “credibility challenged” and said that “Some perhaps suffered from a failure of recollection; others undoubtedly lied.”

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2 responses to “Prosecutorial Misconduct in Orange County

  1. That’s why there’s a need for the Center for Prosecutor Integrity and its Prosecutorial Misconduct Registry.

  2. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Dead snitches cannot perjure an innocent into a conviction •
    Dead prosecutors cannot suborn perjured testimony to railroad an innocent •
    The challenge is for the prosecutor to die lawfully before harming an innocent •

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