Militarized Police

The militarization of police scares the hell out of me.

How about you?

This from the NY Times: Get the Military Off of Main Street.

2 responses to “Militarized Police

  1. Mr. Locke, Thank you for posting this important New York Times editorial. Incentivized for $$$’s. excerpt: “The federal government can stop this increased militarization at its source. The Pentagon must end its transfer of military-grade weapons through the 1033 program. And the Department of Homeland Security should stop handing out the terrorism grants. The ease with which police departments can avail themselves of Homeland Security funding for enormous caches of weapons and ammunition in the name of counterterrorism is deeply disconcerting.”
    Incentivized, like the broken criminal justice system that is the benefactor from the fall-out of the militarized domestic police (Peace officers).

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