New Shaken Baby Syndrome Documentary – “The Syndrome”

A new, compelling documentary on the junk science of shaken baby syndrome, titled The Syndrome, will premiere at the Kansas Film Festival in October, 2014.

Synopsis:  The Syndrome tells the story of a group of doctors who say that shaken baby syndrome, the basis of hundreds of criminal cases every year, is not scientifically valid. The film focuses on three key doctors: A Georgetown University neurosurgeon, a former Minnesota state medical examiner, and the head of Stanford University’s Pediatric Neuroradiology Department. These doctors are part of a growing scientific movement coming to the defense of the some thousand people in prison for shaken baby. In an unprecedented criminal justice crisis, promoters of shaken baby syndrome are not backing down.

Watch the trailer here.

Editorial Comment:  Of course the promoters of this medical voodoo are not backing down.  For them, SBS has been their source of livelihood, notoriety, and power.

16 responses to “New Shaken Baby Syndrome Documentary – “The Syndrome”

  1. Thank you, Phil Locke, for this pointer to a thrilling trailer.

    As you and the filmmakers point out, the proponents of shaking theory are not backing down, despite a growing body of evidence questioning whether the brain findings alone prove abuse. Presumably inn response to the growing number of overturned convictions in shaking cases, the upcoming conference of the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome will feature a talk with the title: “‘Exonerating’ the Guilty: Child Abuse and the Corruption of the False-Conviction Movement.” (

    It’s discouraging.

  2. “In an unprecedented criminal justice crisis, promoters of shaken baby syndrome are not backing down.
    Editorial Comment: Of course the promoters of this medical voodoo are not backing down. For them, SBS has been their source of livelihood, notoriety, and power.”

    Phil, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is a criminal justice crisis.

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  6. Aside from attending the film festivals (which unfortunately, are nowhere near me) how can I watch or own this movie? Will it be coming to the SF/Bay Area anytime soon? Thanks!

  7. I am waiting anxiously to view this documentary. I personally know the three experts used in this film. They are honorable, genuine and careful in their science. Plus I have personal experience with a family I have been defending on this issue, whose baby was permanently adopted away from them, two wonderful, kind and careful parents, because they would not admit to shaking their baby. But I have personal knowledge of the family. I have seen and studied the medical reports and expert reports on both sides, and I have been studying the “science” of shaken baby. I, myself, have a strong physical science background and feel comfortable reading and analyzing scientific papers. With this background, I am absolutely certain that my friends’ baby had a medical cause for the appearing symptoms. Nevertheless, these symptoms were interpreted in complete ignorance by the prosecution’s side as strong evidence for shaken baby.

    We must, as a society, revisit this question, revisit the basic foundations of the original studies and do whatever is necessary to come to clear and honorable consensus about what constitutes clear evidence of shaken baby and what does not.

  8. I might add, by the way, that the “expert” witnesses from the other side left out huge chunks of relevant data concerning the baby’s symptoms, which immediately makes any conclusions they draw suspect. The fact that a membrane had formed on BOTH sides of the hematoma was completely ignored by the prosecution expert. The fact that the retinal hemorrhages appeared ONLY 6 days after being in the hospital was completely ignored by the prosecution expert. Other significant factors in the baby’s blood numbers and general health were also ignored. To say that their conclusion was based on science is completely unsupported by the medical record and the data.

  9. How could taking a baby away from good parents be justified in ANY way by the aforementioned kind of “science”? In our case at least, it is absolutely 100% completely wrong, and taking this baby from these parents and grandparents is cruel and unusual punishment and a miscarriage of justice of eternal proportions.

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  11. So thankful to have found this. My name is Kathy Hyatt. I am actually in The Syndrome. From the time my case started until the not guilty verdict, it took us almost 5 years. It was absolutely a nightmare! So thankful for the Goldsmith Family being bold enough to stand up for people like me who has found ourselves in the middle of a nightmare. Blessings to each of you!

    • Kathy – thanks so much for checking in with us. Keep up the good fight!


      My son got 35 years. I don’t know how to fight for him. The whole case is a nightmare. Lola Bella is gone, and so is my son Christopher Morgan Benson. How do I get help. I don’t have money. But, I know GOD , will set him free.


    My son was sentenced to 18 years for baby shaken syndrome. Steven C. Gabaeff, MD investigated my son’s case and did a discovery report and he does not believe my son committed that crime. Neither does the family or friends of my son. My son has been incarcerated since December 2011. He was 19 years old. My son took a plea agreement because I begged him to. His attorney contacted me and asked me to convince him to take a deal or he would be looking at 40 to 50 years. If I would have seen the discovery report I would have let him go to trial. Is there a way my son can go back to court so he can come home. How can I start this process please someone please give me advice, please help.

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