Leighton Hay Exoneration in Canada…

From the Canada Times:

The charges opposite Leighton Hay, a Toronto male convicted of an execution-style murder in 2002, were cold this morning and he walked out of probity a giveaway male after some-more than 12 years in prison.

The Crown said it is no longer in a open seductiveness to pursue a case.

Hay, 19 during a time, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the July 2002 murdering of 51-year-old Colin Moore. But he appealed based on debate contrast on hairs found in his apartment.

Hay’s case was taken on by a Association in Defence of a Wrongly Convicted in 2011, that called it “factual innocence.”

Leighton Hay

Leighton Hay was 19-years-old when he was convicted of a murder he did not commit. (CBC)

“Leighton has been by a calamity for all these years,” pronounced James Lockyer, a association’s comparison counsel, who pronounced before Hay was expelled that his “walk into leisure today” would be ”momentous for him.”

“This was a miscarriage of probity of a top order,” Lockyer added.

Hay’s lawyers have asked Justice John McMahon to apologize on interest of a probity system.

Hair Justification Pivotal To Case

On Jul 6, 2002, Moore was hosting an eventuality during a nightclub in a Toronto suburb of Etobicoke. At 1:13 a.m. ET, dual group armed with handguns stormed into a nightclub, and shot and killed Moore.

Police identified one of a gunmen as Gary Eunick.

Eunick had borrowed a automobile of Hay’s mom and was pushing it a night in question, according to police.

When military found a automobile during Hay’s home, they arrested both Eunick and Hay.

Witnesses from a nightclub described a second gunman as carrying “two in. picky dreads” — longer hair than what Hay had during a time.

Leighton Hay leaves court

Leighton Hay and his father Lasalle travel from a Superior Court on Friday morning. (Michelle Cheung/CBC)

The Crown argued during his strange hearing in 2004 that Hay returned home after a sharpened and had a haircut.

The military searched for justification of a haircut during Hay’s home, and found some really brief hairs in a journal in a rubbish bin and on an electric razor in his bedroom.

Hay’s lawyers presented justification during a interest — a second interest on a crime — that questioned either Hay indeed got a haircut.

Hay’s lawyers also highlighted one declare who identified Hay with “80 per cent” certainty as a gunman during a nightclub. Two weeks later, the same declare did not name Hay’s print in a lineup.

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