Prosecutors turning to ‘PowerPoint justice’ to win the day

The Marshall Project reports that prosecutors have found a new tool with which to convict the innocent as well as the guilty: PowerPoint. You can see some examples of their improper “visual advocacy” here.

4 responses to “Prosecutors turning to ‘PowerPoint justice’ to win the day

  1. There is no bottom to the depths to which they will sink.
    It is WIN AT ALL COST – regardless of guilt or innocence.

  2. Really great post! Appreciate The Marshall Project link as well. There is no depth too low, is there? Any they wonder why folks are cynical!

  3. Reblogged this on Wrongly Convicted Group Website and commented:
    Has some good ideas – points out that visual argument is more effective that oral argument, as well as detailing improper arguments by prosecutors. Defense lawyers can properly utilise some of the ideas mentioned.

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