Update on the National Registry of Exonerations

In case you haven’t been able to check in on the National Registry of Exonerations lately, here’s an excerpt from the most recent data.  Note the total is now up to 1,512, and the trend line is definitely UP.

exon dna non

exon cont fact

exon fact crime

I won’t belabor you by pointing out some of the more obvious observations.  Just a few minutes of study will (should) lead you to some very clear conclusions.

It has been reported that the folks at the Registry are hard at work trying to incorporate the exonerations being generated by the newly formed “conviction integrity units” (CIU’s).  For these cases the prosecutors running the CIU’s may not be very motivated to have their exonerations logged into the Registry.

I can’t gush enough about how critical and important this data is.  It is this kind of HARD DATA that will provide the foundation for much needed and long overdue justice system reform.

7 responses to “Update on the National Registry of Exonerations

  1. Great job as usual. We’re all in this together and stronger because we are.

  2. Phil, Thank you for this important update. The Exoneration Registry’s data is the tip of the iceberg, and castes doubt on the integrity of the justice system. The high percentages of false allegations and perjury, along with official misconduct are simply horrifying. A war on our own people.

  3. Phil , thank you for a job well done. I wish I knew a way to help my son, false accusations run wild and so many people suffer not just the inmates but their families too. this is simply horrifying. Again Thanks for a job well done.

    • Robyn, As a mother of a daughter, Courtney Bisbee, who was falsely accused, wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned, you described the first phase perfecto – unfortunately, that is just the beginning. Our nightmare began February 11, 2004. Feel free to contact me, as i have amassed much research since, that might be helpful. Click on my name, which leads to our daughter’s petition. email: justice4courtney@mac.com

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