Marissa Alexander Out of Prison – But It’s Not Over

We’ve previously reported on the Marissa Alexander case here.

This is one of the stupidest prosecutions I’ve seen in my years of doing this.  Angela Corey, the Florida State’s Attorney in the case, should be ashamed for setting such a shining example of prosecutors run amok.

Marissa fired a warning shot at her enraged and abusive husband, who had threatened to kill her, in fear for her life.  She was charged, tried and, despite the fact that Florida has it’s infamous “stand your ground” law, was convicted and originally sentenced to 20 years. She successfully appealed, and was facing a new trial — with a potential 60 year sentence.

Please see the Daily Kos story here.

4 responses to “Marissa Alexander Out of Prison – But It’s Not Over

  1. Mr. Locke, Thank you for posting this important case and highlighting, once again, an out of control prosecutor, who is an embarrassment to the justice system.

  2. Link posted in the Marshall Report: Jeff Toobin on FL prosecutor, Angela Corey.
    “Marissa Alexander, Jeff Toobin and Blackledge” | emptywheel 1/30/15

    “Ms. Alexander is indeed out of incarceration and home tonight, though she will still, pursuant to the plea she entered, have to serve two years on home confinement, starting from this date going forward. She appeared on Anderson Cooper’s “AC 360″ tonight on CNN and looked simply radiant. I don’t normally get into red carpet like descriptions of people in legal cases I comment on, but in this case it really seems appropriate. She is quite a woman, and it is impossible not to be charmed by her, and wish her the very best.

    But what I really come to write about is the commentary of Jeffrey Toobin, who was on after Marissa’s appearance to discuss the legal considerations with Cooper. Toobin was strident, unflinching, and spot on in what he said. So much so I nearly stood up and cheered. Instead, I made a transcript:

    AC: Why would Angela Corey suddenly say [to Marissa Alexander] okay, if we are going to go to trial you face 60 years, we are going to go for 60 years in jail instead of the 20 years sentence?
    JT: Because Angela Corey incompetent, because she is vicious and because she is a disgrace to prosecutors around the country”
    AC: Really?
    JT: I mean this is one of the most appalling examples of prosecutorial abuse I have ever seen. The harassment, the endless pursuit of this woman [Alexander] is just a blot on Florida, and our whole country.” ….

  3. Pressing against mandatory minimum sentencing:
    MARISSA ALEXANDER, IN HER OWN WORDS…/marissa-alexander–in-her-own… by Melissa Harris-Perry | MSNBC 01/31/15

    (Part 2) Marissa Alexander talks with Melissa Harris-Perry about how she was able to maintain a connection with her children while in prison, and the changes she’d like to see her community push in the criminal justice system. Duration: 6:50

    Marissa Alexander talks with Melissa Harris-Perry about how she was able to maintain a connection with her…

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