The Debra Milke Lawsuit – A Perspective

Camille Tilley, whose daughter Courtney was wrongfully convicted in Maricopa County, was kind enough to post a link to the lawsuit recently brought by Debra Milke against a number of Phoenex and Maricopa County, AZ officials regarding her wrongful conviction for the murder of her 4 1/2 year-old son. This post was contained in a comment to our recent story about the Debra Milke case.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the lawsuit, I think it deserves some special comment. You can access it directly here:  Debra Milke-lawsuit. It’s very interesting to note that Milke is represented in her suit by the firm of Neufeld Scheck & Brustin. You probably know that Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck are the founders of the original Innocence Project.

I’ve read the suit, and if you think this kind of thing can’t happen to you, you need to read it too. It reads like a bad crime novel, but the really scary part is that it actually happened, and the people who are supposed to be the “good guys” are actually the criminals. Joe or Jane citizen has absolutely no defense against this.

The official misconduct in this case is sordid, stomach turning. Could it possibly be that this case, and this suit, will be the crowbar that finally pries the lid off the slimy justice system snake pit called Maricopa County?

7 responses to “The Debra Milke Lawsuit – A Perspective

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    ” Could it possibly be that this case, and this suit, will be the crowbar that finally pries the lid off the slimy justice system snake pit called Maricopa County?”

    I hope so! Go Debra!

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    More dastardly deeds from Maricopa County AZ. Litigation for wrongful convictions always taxes the taxpayers. This seems of little concern to the “tough on crime” advocates who appear immune to the US Dupreme Court.

  3. Of course, higher taxes are of concern to many, and hopefully the human costs of rights violations in their community, state and country factor into their concerns. I am also sure that the “tough on crime” advocates are nice people who, if they or their loved one fell into the Arizona prosecutorial snake pit, would realize how they were duped and would begin to look more closely at how easily their laws can be twisted to convict the innocent. I am hoping too that Ms. Milke’s final victory has helped turn the tide in Arizona – and that her suffering will help others. Even though she can’t get her life back, it is a miracle that she gets to sue and that the nation’s eyes are on the result!

  4. “Arizona woman who spent nearly half her life on death row will not face retrial” | US news | The Guardian 3/23/15

    “Milke’s conviction and death sentence were thrown out two years ago by the US ninth circuit court of appeals, citing “egregious prosecutorial misconduct”.
    The appeals court wrote in the damning ruling that the litany of violations in the case were “a severe stain on the Arizona justice system”.

  5. Camille Tilley

    The Fedeal Reporter cite: Debra Milke v Ryan 711 F .3d 998 (9th Cir. 2013)

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