Debra Milke Speaks

Today, Debra Milke, exonerated after 22 years on Arizona’s death row for the murder of her 4 year old son, appeared and spoke at a press event.

See her very eloquent press conference statements here. And see the remarks from her attorney, Lori Voepel, here.

5 responses to “Debra Milke Speaks

  1. Mr. Locke, We attended Debra Milke’s press conference. It was very moving. Debra and her outstanding attorneys provided their stories and human background, which differed from the decades long, hard core media sound-bytes, the prosecutors put forth to the public. Who belongs in prison? Those responsible for the wrongful conviction and wrongful imprisonment of Debra Milke and destruction of lives that followed over the decades, using a pattern of lying, abuse of power and malicious prosecution as SOP in the Maricopa County Attorney’s office setting the standard for the others to follow.

  2. Listen to Debra Milke’s amazing lawyer, Lori Voepel speak about Debra, her case and the background. It was hard to keep a dry eye when she and Debra spoke.

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