Judge Disqualifies All 250 Orange County, CA Prosecutors !

In Orange County, CA, a case, in which the justice system should have been at its best, has deteriorated into a revalation of incompetence, corruption and perjury involving police, sheriff’s deputies, county counsel, and prosecutors. It has also come out that this systemic corruption, involving rights violations, “professional” jailhouse snitches, and secret police files, has been going on for decades.

As a result of these disclosures, the judge in the murder trial of the worst mass murderer in Orange County history has disqualified all 250 Orange County prosecutors from the case.

See the Daily Kos story here.

And see a supporting story from the OC Weekly here.

9 responses to “Judge Disqualifies All 250 Orange County, CA Prosecutors !

  1. Based on my experience with Orange County prosecutors while investigating a possible wrongful conviction there in 1993, this doesn’t surprise me at all. For an eye-opening look at corrupt law enforcement in Orange County, I highly recommend Mike Madigan’s book The Twisted Badge. http://www.amazon.com/Twisted-Badge-Mike-Madigan/dp/0924309016/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1433008893&sr=8-1&keywords=twisted+badge

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  3. Looks like this case should be the topic of conversation at the annual District Attorney’s Conference. Time for immediate reform.

    1. A case study for immediate reform.

    2. End absolute immunity for prosecutors.

    3. Those who are responsible for wrongful convictions should be charged with a felony.

    4. Time for “Open File” policies.

  4. The Orange County D.A. problem is referenced in Uncivil Twilight. That is because in 1925 Alva Floyd was put into Tank 12 in the Los Angeles jail with S.C. Stone to mine information. Floyd periodically met with the authorities over the months as Floyd prepared a “confession.” When affirming Stone’s death sentence the CA Supreme Court cited Floyd as the most damaging witness against Stone. So it’s nothing new.

  5. Cheating , undermining, tampering with the scales of justice seems to be problem that taxpayers are NOT receiving honest services for that public pay given .
    There needs to be an independent commission so when a person requests that the record needs to be corrected…the person can bypass the obstruction and go directly to the commission before a sentence.
    I know from my experience I would go to commission to bypass the obstruction cover-up.

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