Wednesday’s Quick Clicks…

The Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project seeks new DNA test in 1974 Virginia Beach rape…

The West Virginia Innocence Project seeks DNA testing in effort to prove client’s innocence…

One response to “Wednesday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. I was Kick out of my own home because of the wrongdoing of others ,I was harrased tortured and bullied by a not so good Justice system that only design by the the rich some of the crooks involved are member of the RCMP members of the liers club judge Pierre Muise and crown Prosecuter Lyod Lombard also one of the staf seargeant involved from Digby is Phil Barrett ex staff sergeant ant the ex staff sergeant from Brigdetown I don’t know his name our justice system and the Nazi Regime are alike they don’t care for nobody just money they wanted for me to give them my small pension check that I need to live on I know these are a circle of crooks running our country there should be jurious in the courtroom at all times that stop robberies like this at all times,I was robbed by over a 100,000$ dollars by a dictatorship like the one we got rid of during the Second World War and is as bad yes as isis .

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