Monday’s Quick Clicks…

Attorneys for Howard Guidry accuse Former Texas Prosecutor Kelly Siegler of withholding evidence in Guidry’s 1995 murder trial just a week after another man prosecuted by Siegler, David Mark Temple, had his conviction overturned for the same reason…

Daniel Scheidell finally returns home a month after his 1995 conviction was overturned by a Wisconsin Court…

Advances in DNA technology pave the way for inmates to get new tests on evidence…

Evidence of Police Dishonesty Leads to Overturned Convictions Nationwide

The Gotham Gazette asks, “Are DA’s Doing Enough to Overturn Wrongful Convictions?”

2 responses to “Monday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. At what point did the mindset of these prosecutors go from upholding the law to being above it?

  2. I just finished watching the show on ID about the conviction of David Temple by Kelly Seigler. Just because he had an affair doesn’t mean he killed his wife. And now, to find out that she has withheld evidence from defense attorneys in more than one case just makes me sick. I worked as a paralegal, and the only thing that doesn’t get turned over to the defense attorneys during the discovery phase are documents that are written by the attorney regarding the case or things discussed between the client and attorney. All other documents, including notes by detectives that show that another person may have committed the offense, HAS to be turned over. What she did WAS felony obstruction of justice. And she got her own TV show by putting innocent people in jail? I liked the show until I saw how she came to get it (by winning the Temple case). There is NEVER a just reason for withholding evidence-I don’t care how convinced she is that he’s guilty. That was not for her to decide-it was for the jury and they didn’t have all the facts because she buried them. And then to tamper with witness testimony? She should lose her show AND her license to practice law.

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