Why so Many “Confessions” in Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases?

In suspected SBS cases, the child abuse pediatricians (CAP’s) and the police are perfectly willing to coerce a confession out of you, and they have circumstances on their side, because you are at your most vulnerable. You are terribly concerned about the condition of your child, or worse yet, your child has just died. (See our previous post on child abuse pediatricians here: The Child Abuse Pediatrician (CAP) – Just Another Term for Medical “Cop”)

We’ve posted about SBS “confessions” before. See Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) – A CBS Report: Blaming Melissa for the coerced “confession” of Melissa Calusinski. See Scenes of a Crime – A Documentary of a False Confession and Blatantly Coerced Confession Results in Conviction Reversal for the coerced “confession” of Adrian Thomas.

Washtenaw Watchdogs (Washtenaw County, MI) has just published an investigative report article on their website dealing with this very issue. It’s very powerful. See it HERE.

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    Article on questionable coercive police tactics when interviewing parents. References the case of Melissa Calusinski.

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  4. Mark Dias and Paul Kanev brought my family into a “quiet conference” room at Hershey Medical in 2002 and told us our child was brain dead, decisions would have to be made the next day and to spend what time we could with our child. Less than 10 minutes later as we returned, devastated, to our child’s room in the PICU, we were pulled aside by nurses and sent off with police detectives. It was blatantly obvious what had just happened – we were lied to by these doctors to set us up for the police interviews. I informed “my cop” that I was aware of what was going on and the interview was pretty much done. My husband was pulled out of his interview by family members. Just a few hours later when our child began to breathe above the vent, and move, our suspicions were confirmed. Severely brain damaged from over 10 minutes of cardiac arrest – yes; brain dead -no.CAPs are NOT above lying to produce evidence and aid the cops in these cases. They want you to be at your lowest when you are interviewed – because in your attempt to rationalize what is happening, you might say I did shake my child because my child was not breathing. That is all they need – never mind the obvious – this shaking happened after the breathing stopped in an effort to get a responsive from an unresponsive child. I’ve heard of the threats – “if it wasn’t you it was your spouse and we will throw you spouse in jail and take the kids away. Many have wrongly confessed to keep their family intact – as much as can be. Or confess, take this sweet plea and serve minimal time or be convicted and spend 20+ years in prison – leaving your family destitute from trying to pay for an attorney. When our family went through this we called it “confession-based medicine” because it seemed false confessions was all this syndrome was based on.

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