The Sex Offender Registry Strikes Again

We’ve posted  here before about the insanity and injustice of the sex offender registries. Please see Sex Offender Registries – TIME-FOR-A-CHANGE.

A recent CNN article captures the situation very well. This quote from the article by a judge familiar with the case: “If we caught every teenager that violated our current law,” says former Judge William Buhl, “we’d lock up 30 or 40 percent of the high school. We’re kidding ourselves.”

See the CNN story – “How a dating app hookup landed a teen on the sex offender registry” – here.


8 responses to “The Sex Offender Registry Strikes Again

  1. Phil, Excellent article. The draconian and unconstitutional Sex Offender Registry demands public dialog and tough questions of lawmakers and profiteers in all this. What did the lawmakers – men and women – do when they were teenagers? What have their children and grandchildren being doing? In Arizona, technically, changing a baby’s diaper is child molest. Who’s discussing this?

    • More importantly, how often is child molest used in the broken Family Court by a devious parent, to gain custody and/or eliminate child support? I’ve witnessed it often in the Family Court hearings. An audit is needed there. Who’s creating those much needed stats, that would identify the “sick game” being played daily in the Family Courts across America? Time to end it!

      • The audit should include the role of the insurance companies and their pay-outs. Where is the oversight and accountability for those who abuse “Victim’s Rights” by filing first, getting their legal fees paid and collecting money, housing, and much more for “life’? And move-on out of the state leaving the taxpayers holding the bag? Which accusers/witnesses remained in the state where a false allegation and wrongful conviction and wrongful imprisonment took place and which ones left the state. A good place to begin a much needed independent investigation. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this malfeasance hidden in plain sight. The legal system and officials are complicit in the lucrative “child sex crimes” industry.

  2. California’s divorce industry is driving many wrongful prosecutions as well. We at California Coalition for Families and Children are fighting back. Learn more here:

  3. Surprising Things That Could Make You A Sex Offender – Business Insider 8/5/15

  4. Ross believes cases such as Jessica’s and Jetseta’s could have an impact on legislation if there’s enough public reaction to elicit federal, rather than state, sponsorship of a tougher law. He predicted that at the very least, the conditions for releasing and paroling jailed sex offenders will tighten as a result of the murders of Jessica, Jetseta and other children in similar situations.

  5. “WE BELIEVE THE CHILDREN: A MORAL PANIC IN THE 1980’s” by Richard Beck 8/2015

    “A brilliant, disturbing portrait of the dawn of the culture wars, when America started to tear itself apart with doubts, wild allegations, and an unfounded fear for the safety of children.

    During the 1980s in California, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, and elsewhere, day care workers were arrested, charged, tried, and convicted of committing horrible sexual crimes against the children they cared for. These crimes, social workers and prosecutors said, had gone undetected for years, and they consisted of a brutality and sadism that defied all imagining. The dangers of babysitting services and day care centers became a national news media fixation. Of the many hundreds of people who were investigated in connection with day care and ritual abuse cases around the country, some 190 were formally charged with crimes, leading to more than 80 convictions.

    It would take years for people to realize what the defendants had said all along—that these prosecutions were the product of a decade-long outbreak of collective hysteria on par with the Salem witch trials. Social workers and detectives employed coercive interviewing techniques that led children to tell them what they wanted to hear. Local and national journalists fanned the flames by promoting the stories’ salacious aspects, while aggressive prosecutors sought to make their careers by unearthing an unspeakable evil where parents feared it most.

    Using extensive archival research and drawing on dozens of interviews conducted with the hysteria’s major figures, n+1 editor Richard Beck shows how a group of legislators, doctors, lawyers, and parents—most working with the best of intentions—set the stage for a cultural disaster. The climate of fear that surrounded these cases influenced a whole series of arguments about women, children, and sex. It also drove a right-wing cultural resurgence that, in many respects, continues to this day.”

  6. Update: “Zach Anderson, 19-Year-Old Registered Sex Offender, Has Sentence Vacated” – ABC News 9/8/15

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