The Ohio Innocence Project Joins In Celebration of 2nd Annual International Wrongful Conviction Day

On October 2, 2015 the Ohio Innocence Project at the University of Cincinnati College of Law and the newly formed OIP-u will unite with dozens of other organizations around the world to commemorate the 2nd Annual International Wrongful Conviction Day. This day is dedicated to recognizing those whose lives have been adversely impacted by wrongful conviction and to educating the public on the causes, consequences and complications of wrongful conviction.

The celebration will mark the launch of OIP-u, Ohio’s Collegiate Network of Innocence Advocates. The mission of OIP-u is to support the Ohio Innocence OIP-u Official LogoProject in its effort to free the innocent and prevent wrongful conviction by educating the public about its causes and consequences. OIP-u provides a way for undergraduate and graduate students all over Ohio to come together and fight for the freedom of the many innocent men and women incarcerated in this state. OIP-u and the Ohio Innocence Project will be holding events at several universities across Ohio with newly formed OIP-u chapters, featuring OIP exonerees and staff members.

Upcoming Wrongful Conviction Day Events in Ohio

October 1st
Ohio University 5-7pm Bentley Hall, Room 136
Speakers: Ohio Exoneree, Ray Towler, and OIP Staff Member, Liza Dietrich
Hosted by OIP-u Ohio University Chapter

October 2nd
The University of Dayton 3:30-5:30pm O’Leary Auditorium in Miriam Hall Room 119
Speakers: Ohio Exoneree, Robert McClendon, and OIP Director, Mark Godsey
Hosted by OIP-u University of Dayton Chapter

The Ohio State University Noon-1:30pm Saxbe Auditorium located in Drinko Hall
Wrongful Conviction Day Panel featuring Emmy Award winning correspondent, Erin Moriarty ’77, CBS News; Joanna Feigenbaum ’11, Ohio Public Defender Wrongful Conviction Project; Jennifer Bergeron, Ohio Innocence Project attorney; and Clarence Elkins, an Ohio Exoneree. The panel will be moderated by Nikki Baszynski ’13, also of the Ohio Public Defender’s office.
Hosted by the Ohio Public Defender and the OIP-u Ohio State Chapter

For a complete list of International events visit:

#WCDOhio2015 #IWCD2015

2 responses to “The Ohio Innocence Project Joins In Celebration of 2nd Annual International Wrongful Conviction Day

  1. FREE COURTNEY BISBEE, Maricopa County, Arizona!!

    Join over 177,777 supporters who signed her petition to FREE COURTNEY BISBEE, “HELP FREE AN INNOCENT MOM” | Maricopa County, AZ

    It’s been eleven (11) years since her SWAT team arrest on a false allegation and exculpatory evidence was known PRIOR to Trial, and PRIOR to Sentencing, that this was a scam for money by a convicted criminal. Courtney remains languishing in prison and in the courts with a Writ of Habeas in the U.S. District Court of Arizona. Where’s the ethical responsibility of the state prosecutors to right this wrong of manifest injustice, rather than “dump” it into the federal courts, that 9th Circuit Judge Kozinski has spoken out about and written about. See Rule 42, ER 3.8 – Ethics responsibility of a prosecutor to seek fair justice, not convictions-at-all-costs?

    “In the latest issue of Georgetown Law Journal, Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals turns a critical gaze toward America’s criminal justice system. It’s a long piece — part diagnosis of ailments and part treatment — with a broad sweep. But one of its major themes is prosecutorial advantage, both in federal and state courtrooms.

    “They say that any prosecutor worth his salt can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. It may be that a decent prosecutor could get a petit jury to convict a eunuch of rape,” writes Judge Kozinski.”

  2. Tip of the iceberg! 1,669 Exoneratons – The National Registry of Exonerations – Exoneration Registry 9/30/15

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