Update: Henry Keogh retrial dropped. South Australian DPP not to pursue case.

Further to my post here…. Exoneration in Australia?: Henry Keogh freed after 20 years. The South Australian DPP has now dropped murder charges against Henry Keogh, and his planned retrial in March will now not go ahead. This is apparently because of the illness of a witness – however, it seems likely that the pathologist at the original trial – who subsequently changed his opinion dramatically, will not now testify given his later opinion. Keogh served 21 years for the murder of his fiancee, accused of drowning her in the bath. He was released from prison last year after winning an appeal.

read more here: Murder charge against Henry Keogh, accused of drowning fiancee in bath, dropped by SA DPP

One response to “Update: Henry Keogh retrial dropped. South Australian DPP not to pursue case.

  1. We have a VERY similar case here in Cincinnati, OH, USA.
    Ryan Widmer.
    Widmer has been in prison for four years now.
    He was convicted after three trials.
    I am personally convinced that he is innocent.

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