A Special Thanksgiving Message…

…from the Ohio Innocence Project (Originally posted on Facebook):

Today the Ohio Innocence Project is thankful for YOU, our followers! A year ago, our page had less than 2,000 likes and now we have nearly 5,000 because you all have taken the time to support us and share our message. Your support is essential to our efforts. By liking and sharing our posts and photos, you are bringing attention to a problem that many still don’t realize exists: wrongful conviction. Your efforts have made ours more effective, and for that we are immensely grateful.

To show our thanks, we’d like to share with you some messages from the individuals you have enabled us to help…

CE Thanks

-Clarence Elkins (exonerated in 2005 after spending 7.5 years in prison)DG thanks

-Dean Gillispie (released in 2012 after spending 20 years in prison)

RJ Thanks

-Ricky Jackson (exonerated in 2014 after spending 39 years in prison)

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