Clarence Moses-EL Conviction Vacated After 28 Years.



If there were ever a classic example of the lengths to which a prosecutor will go to preserve the “sanctity” of what they have to know is a wrongful conviction, this case is one of those examples.

See details of that case here from the Colorado Independent. There’s even an itemized list of the scummy, less-than-ethical things the police and the prosecution did to preserve this wrongful conviction for 28 years.


3 responses to “Clarence Moses-EL Conviction Vacated After 28 Years.

  1. What about helping someone who was wrongfully accused on assumptions alone. No evidence against that individual.

  2. This could apply to our daughter, Courtney Bisbee’s “high-profile” (official label) case handled by the ex-Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas (disbarred April 2012), and his “go-to” prosecutors in 2006.

    “Today’s ruling by Denver District Judge Kandace Gerdes comes after District Attorney Mitch Morrissey has fought for years to uphold the conviction despite increasing evidence of Moses-EL’s innocence.”

    In January 2006, the prosecutors knew before Courtney’s Sentencing (April 2006), there was a motive for money, as mother and her son (accuser), filed their civil law suit days after Courtney’s conviction (Jan. 18, 2006), which Judge Granville and the trial prosecutor failed to address. This prosecutor, also, witnessed in Courtney’s Civil case a formal deposition of a witness, where the accuser recanted to his friend, that ‘nothing happened” and he was going to be a rich kid someday”.

    Yet, when Courtney Bisbee’s PCR was filed in 2008, with the mountains of new evidence, affidavits, Experts reports and declarations – the judge who convicted her – rubber-stamped the PCR “denied”, after casually stating to Courtney during her Sentencing, like it’s ok, …you know,.. you can appeal and file a PCR – as if it would be “very easy”.

    How is it that a wrongfully convicted person has to present their PCR to the judge who convicted them? How is this even allowed?

    Courtney’s PCR demanded an Evidentiary Hearing which Courtney never received in the state courts. People ask, what does this say about Arizona’s justice system? If it can happen to Courtney, it can happen to anyone.

    Courtney Bisbee still sits in prison almost 10 years later, isolated away from her beloved daughter and family living in other states. The years long journey through the Arizona courts: her “high-profile” case has been silenced and forgotten, with her appeals languishing in the Arizona courts for years, collecting dust – only to be rubber-stamped “denied” with no explanation, then being dumped it into the federal court, where it would languish for more years, rather than handle their (the state’s) responsibility.

    Reading Moses-El’s story shows an established pattern which should concern ALL, and demands an outside independent review. Time to restore presumption of innocence and due process, and most of all “fairness” (a word we seldom hear).

  3. “Courtney Bisbee and County Pettifogger Gerald R. Grant” by Stephen Lemons | Phoenix New Times 2/25/2009

    “How do deputy prosecutors sleep at night, when they are charged by their elected bosses to rack up as many warm bodies in prison as possible, to overlook exculpatory evidence, to cull only those facts from a case that lead to conviction, and ignore all others? “

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