Anatomy of a Confession – The Debra Milke Case

Gary Stuart, author and Professor of Law at Arizona State University, has just published a book about the Debra Milke case.    See our previous post here:

anatomy of confession

“Anatomy of a Confession is the story of the 1990 murder trial of Debra Milke. Two men—Debra’s boyfriend at the time and a friend of his—murdered Debra’s four year-old son in the Arizona desert. One of them implicated the boy’s mother. Even before Debra was questioned, the police hung a guilty tag on her. Debra Milke spent twenty-three years on death row for the murder of her four year-old son based solely on a confession she never gave. This is also the story of Detective Armando Saldate, his history of extracting forced confessions, and the role the Phoenix Police Department played in the cover-up and misconduct in its handling of the Milke investigation. Anatomy of a Confession is a vivid and shocking reminder of what America’s vaunted presumption of innocence is all about.”

It’s available on Amazon here.

4 responses to “Anatomy of a Confession – The Debra Milke Case

  1. Outstanding post! A must-read Arizona legal history, rife with prosecutorial misconduct, joined at the hip with the detective/police. Over 25 years of precedent set? How many other wrongfully convicted have been silenced for years in prison, with Arizona’s draconian mandatory minimum sentencing?

    A system corrupted with abuse of power, as two top Maricopa County Attorney’s office prosecutors disbarred – ex-DA/Marciopa County attorney Andrew Thomas and his chief “charging” prosecutor, Lisa Aubuchon (April 2012).

    On May 24th, 2016, former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne found guilty of illegal campaign finance. Using the AG’s office like campaign headquarters?

    The integrity of Arizona’s justice system is in question. Who’s going to demand opening the many wrongful conviction cases under their reign of terror on the people?

    Andrew Thomas bragged about over 200,000 conviction cases in his one term in office (2005-2010). At what cost to innocent lives of men, women and children and families, for all posterity? At what cost, in wasted hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars – growing jails, prisons and defacto-life sentences, going to the profiteers in human misery?

    Prosecutors and law enforcement taking down the vulnerable for “easy” convictions for political and financial gain? A “victims’ rights” state (controlled by the prosecutors’ office), where there is no presumption of innocence or due process? How is this allowed to continue for decades? Wake up folks. This is YOUR justice system!

  2. As to the Central Park Five — They were not “exonerated.” They were not found “not guilty.” Instead – after they served their sentences, their charges were “vacated.” Big difference. Plus – they were never accused in the first place of penetrating her themselves – but only of helping a then-unknown rapist rape her. And after the statutes of limitations ran, that guy (in the same prison as one of the five) admitted he raped her. That was consistent with the convictions by two juries (upheld on appeal) – not inconsistent.

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