2016 Innocence Network Conference San Antonio

Over 500 hundred people attended this year’s conference in San Antonio, making it the most attended conference in the history of the Innocence Network. Below are a couple highlights from the conference.

2,351 Years of Wrongful Imprisonment: 2016 Exoneree Induction Dinner


Of the 500 attendees,  150 were exonerees who together served 2, 351 years in prison and 153 years on death row for crimes they did not commit. This year’s induction ceremony saw the addition of 31 newly exonerated men and women, including Marvin Roberts, George Frese, Kevin Pease, and Eugene Vent, better known as the “Fairbanks Four,” whose release in 2015 after 18 years of wrongful incarceration gave The Alaska Innocence Project its first victory.

The remaining 27 inductees came from all over the country representing years of dedication and hard work by attorneys and students from several projects in the network:

Expansion of International Innocence Movement Continues…


Members of the International Innocence Network meet in San Antonio to discuss expansion

Representatives from Canada, U.S., Israel, Argentina, Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan met in San Antonio to discuss developments in the International Innocence Movement and the creation of Innocence Networks on other continents.


The 2017 Innocence Network conference is scheduled to be held in San Diego. See you all there!


3 responses to “2016 Innocence Network Conference San Antonio

  1. That is because there are more false and wrongful convictions now days too !!!!!
    The reason for turnouts like this one!!!!
    God Bless You us ALL !!!!

  2. Mitsu Inaba from IP Japan

    Thank Mark for posting the report on the 2016 conference. It was first time for me to attend the conference. It was one of the most impressive and memorable events I have ever attended. It was also quite beneficial in the development of innocence efforts and community of exonerees in Japan. Look forward to seeing you all again at the 2017 conference in San Diego!

  3. Hello, I come before you in hopes that I could one day share my story: I was a person who was wrongly convicted of a crime I did not commit I was sentenced to 10 to 25 years after serving 5 years I was released February 6th 1998 !!!!

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