Child Abuse Pediatricians: An “Ethically Bankrupt” Profession that Destroys Families

You may, or may not, have noticed that for quite some time, I have withdrawn from writing about SBS-related cases and issues (shaken baby syndrome). The reasons for this are many, complicated, and really of no consequence to the reader. However, a recent article about the role that child abuse pediatricians (CAP’s) play in these travesties of justice demands widespread exposure.

Please see our earlier post:  The Child Abuse Pediatrician (CAP) – Just Another Term for Medical “Cop.”

The recent article by Monica Mears for the Health Impact News goes to the heart of the problem with CAP’s. This from the article: “More shocking are the many ways in which the medical profession and its child abuse pediatric specialty hide stereotyping, arrogance, abuse of authority and twisted “science” when it claims to “diagnose” child abuse – which is in fact a legal allegation, not truly a medical diagnosis.”

Please see the powerful and compelling  Health Impact News  story by Monica Mears here.


One response to “Child Abuse Pediatricians: An “Ethically Bankrupt” Profession that Destroys Families

  1. The Family of Brian Peixoto

    It seems obvious that the purpose of the CAP specialty is based on the premise that If you go looking for trouble you’ll surely find it. That is their job. Here in MA Drs. Alice Newton and Eli Newberger represent all that is wrong with the specialty. Technically Dr. Newberger does not have the certification. As a professional witness for the state, he was “qualified” by the courts long ago. Dr. Newton has been discredited time and time again. Maybe the state will learn when they have to pay out for wrongful convictions based in large part of these “experts.”

    The Boston Globe has recently published a few articles on this issue. Below is a link to a letter written by Dr. Steven Gabaeff in response to some of the articles. Dr. Gabaeff writes, “By denying legitimacy to alternative thinking, the shaken-baby syndrome establishment maintains a power to accuse innocent nonabusive families. Each family falsely accused under this pseudoscience is a tragedy.”

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