Wednesday’s Quick Clicks…

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  1. My son at the Age of 12ve was ask to go to the beach after school with A 14teen year old boy and his 9 year old sister whom he order set them the sister to climb on ; was taken from school the next day by the police : where from there went on probation and had to register as a sex affender ; our family moved back to North Dakota where my husband and I were from ; our son was 15 teen and had to register he went to a party at nineteen and met a girl and was walking out with her and the police were called ; they arrested him the next day because of age differences and ask him if he thought of having sex with her from there he went to a high risk sex affender : wash removed him and sealed his records but North Dakota still has him on the high risk here He lives in wash where he doesn’t have to register but because he came home once and failed to register they have s warrent out for him he is 31 years old now and can’t get a good job can u help us

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