“San Antonio Four” Exonerated in Child Rape Case

Yet another classic case of self-serving adults forcing/coercing children to lie about sexual assault that never happened.

This is a scenario that is all too common. In innocence work, we see it regularly; for example, the Courtney Bisbee case.

See the CNN story here.


2 responses to ““San Antonio Four” Exonerated in Child Rape Case

  1. We are fighting for my brother. He is in the same situation.
    He filed for custody, the next day she called police and said he molested her daughter (her daughter from a previous relationship). Jurors we’re not allowed to hear or see any evidence that proved he was at work at the time.

    She (the daughter, not his daughter) has changed her story many times, can’t remember details and doesn’t recall details when asked.

    His public defender did not do her job, way unorganized. The officer that took the report asked my brother if he could take his phone and get any evidence off of it, my brother handed over his phone knowing there was nothing on it. The officer said he took the phone to the FBI for them to get the info off the phone, why would the FBI do that for a local case? They don’t do that!

    When my brother got his phone back everything had been erased. He did notice when he used his Maps app that red dots were appearing on it. These dots were to places he went, so the cop was tracking him, the cop doesn’t realize that wherever he (the cop) was going was also showing up on the app.

    We found out where he lives, guess what?
    There is a red dot on my brothers maps app to the cops house.

    Now, my theory is his ex actually put this tracker on his phone and her and this cop are in cahoots to get my brother out of the way.
    That’s why the red dot is showing at the cops house, she’s there.
    Her (the ex) father was a detective for 30 years in the same county, he was forced to retire for something he did.

    We have let people that don’t know either party read the court transcripts and they can’t believe he was convicted.

    The judge even told the ex to be careful of the webs she weaves.

    The California court system is very good at burying their wrong doings and breaking laws.

  2. The case of the innocent wrongfully convicted are all too common. It is no longer the exception to the rule; it’s the rule. Hiding exculpatory evidence, encouraging witnesses to lie on the stand, and prosecutorial abuses are a common feature of the American Criminal Justice System.

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