Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Maine law makers consider expanding timeframe for inmates to bring innocence petitions with new evidence beyond current one-year limit; prosecutors oppose.
  • New study suggests that when indigent defendants get to choose their public defender, the system works better
  • A new bill under consideration in Montana would require prosecutors to tell defendants that they plan to use an incentivized witness and the terms of the deal made in exchange for testimony. It also would allow defense counsel to request a pre-trial hearing where a judge can weigh the credibility of the testimony and if there is enough other evidence to corroborate the witness’ story. The judge could then choose to bar the testimony as inadmissible or issue a jury instruction, similar to how courts currently review the credibility of some scientific witnesses before a trial starts.
  • Dallas’ exonerees mission to free the wrongfully convicted is the focus of a new film

One response to “Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. Is it common pratice(s) for a lawyer (paid or court-appointed) to fail to…
    Mention who made the allegation?
    File for a speedy trial?
    Question witnesses, including my main witness?
    Collect evidence, especially when whereabouts was known?
    Subpoena my main witness? (He told me clearly he had.)
    Request a continuance when he knew his client was under the influence of a sleep aid? (Why didn’t the court request a continuance whe informed?)
    Why would the court dismiss an appeal without counsel being notified or present at the hearing?

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