Blind Injustice now available in all formats

My new book Blind Injustice, which delves into the psychology and politics of wrongful convictions from my days as a prosecutor and now innocence lawyer, is now available in hardcover and digital versions here.

Most of my daily updates on wrongful conviction issues have now been moved from this blog to the Blind Injustice Facebook Group, which you can join here.

We will still post on this blog from time to time, but it seems that the days of people going to blogs are starting to wane a bit, as most people get their news and updates on social media.  Please tune in to the Blind Injustice Facebook Group.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find Blind Injustice interesting and informative.


4 responses to “Blind Injustice now available in all formats

  1. The operative term here, is “wane a bit” in reference to reading blogs. Not only are blogs still being read by millions of people, not everyone is on Facebook. In fact, there’s a case for your contributing to the demise of blogging by moving to Facebook, and to its continued drive for internet domination. As someone who isn’t a member of Facebook, and will never, just on principle, join, you are about to deprive me of an important source of information about criminal justice. If you had announced it only on Facebook, I would never have known of the existence of your new book.

    How much extra effort is involved in continuing to post to this blog? Really!

  2. I’ll definitely get your book, Mark and will share this on twitter. I’m not on FB anymore. Too many privacy concerns. I hope you consider continuing to cross post your articles here. Or post them here first and then just share the link on FB:). Thanks for all you do.

  3. I was blocked from the Blind Injustice facebook group, hence unable to read it, so I hope you will still post here occasionally. Will be sharing this post in my own facebook groups.
    George Barwood

  4. Why no blog posts of late

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