Dossier Alleges Scathing Misconduct by Colorado U.S. Attorney’s Office & Federal Judges

Denver, CO — (ReleaseWire) — 09/22/2017 –Federal prosecutors “won their case through willful failing to disclose evidence (favorable to the defendant)”, said Congressman Sensenbrenner. “If [prosecutors] had complied with the ethical and legal obligations, the jury might not have convicted [the defendant],” added Sensenbrenner.

In speaking about the same prosecutorial misconduct, Congressman John Conyers said that “If these offenses could happen to [this defendant], they could happen to anyone. Often overlooked is the fact that prosecutorial misconduct of this nature happens with alarming frequency, to the obvious harm of countless defendants…”.

“When the government conceals information in a prosecution that could undermine its case against a defendant, such concealment is fundamentally and constitutionally unfair as well as unethical, and it is illegal…” said Congressman Bobby Scott.

“The alleged prosecutorial misconduct by the Colorado U.S. Attorney’s Office in the IRP6 case, which includes unlawful obstruction and interference with favorable evidence that could undermine the government’s case, was a hundred times worse than the case mentioned above by Congressmen Sensenbrenner, Conyers and Scott,” says Lamont Banks, Executive Director of A Just Cause. “I am hopeful that after reviewing the IRP6 dossier, the DOJ, in the interest of justice, will file a Rule 48(a) motion to dismiss the IRP6 indictment to free five men of the IRP6 who continue to languish in prison after five years on a wrongful conviction,” adds Banks. “Any dismissal would probably have to be filed with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (who oversees the District of Colorado and 10th Circuit) because of their proven, deep-seated bias against the IRP6 which is discussed in the dossier,” contends Banks.

“The dossier lays out numerous facts and evidence that proves the IRP6 are actually innocent and shows how prosecutors and judges allegedly colluded together, taking calculated and premeditated steps to deny the IRP6 a fair trial and appeal. This was achieved by deceiving two grand juries, a trial jury, and blatantly violating a federal statute to ensure defendants couldn’t present evidence & testimony that could have exonerated them. Furthermore, forcing one of the IRP6 defendants who were representing themselves to testify in violation of their 5th Amendment rights. Concluding with destroying and/or concealing portions of trial transcripts to hide judicial threats,” adds Banks. “Absent a legitimate criminal case against the IRP6, the government secretly took allegedly unlawful steps to prosecute their Pastor and church members,” says Banks. “It’s all exposed in the dossier.”

Read more on theĀ dossier here

2 responses to “Dossier Alleges Scathing Misconduct by Colorado U.S. Attorney’s Office & Federal Judges

  1. Excellent! Thank you Mark.

  2. The link isn’t working. What is this about?

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