Exonerated After 45 Years in Prison

He was 27 when he went in. Now he’s 72.

This sets a record for the longest wrongful imprisonment in the US.


4 responses to “Exonerated After 45 Years in Prison

  1. Another sad example of a long-standing flaw in the system where a defendant can be charged, tried and even convicted on the testimony of a single witness, without any corroboration whatsoever. But what if the witness is mistaken, or lying as in this case?

    I hear in Scotland they don’t allow a person to be tried on the testimony of just one witness. There has to be corroboration if the charge is to stick.

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  3. It’s outrageous that Phillips was not made aware of Polombo’s confession until four years after he had made it. If the state had shown more initiative – or caring – Phillips could have been out sooner. And it sounds like the jury put their faith in a witness who was convicted of a crime himself if he made the confession before a parole board.

  4. So sad and so sorry .i pray God would encourage and be by his side :

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