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Li Zhuang: Chinese Defense Lawyer Who Was Found Guilty of Suborning Perjury


In November 2007,  Bo Xilai , one of the Chinese best-known politicians, was appointed as the Communist Party of China Chongqing Committee Secretary, first-in-charge of the Western interior municipality with 30 million people.

Bo initiated an ambitious campaign against organized crime in July 2009. It was directed at the gangsters and powerful officials who control the gangs and enable them to flourish. Wang Lijun, police chief of Chongqing, was the campaign’s overlord. Some 6,000 people, amongst whom were wealthy businessmen, police officers, judges and legislators, have been arrested.

Wang Lijun (left) and Bo Xilai

This powerful campaign drew national attention and brought fierce controversy. Many applauded it for making the city safer, but others criticized it for neglecting due process.

In the campaign, li Zhuang Case(李庄案) received the most attention. Li, a Beijing-based lawyer, was sentenced to eighteen months for perjury after his client, a suspected gangster, reported to the police that Li incited him to lie to the court that police officers tortured him during his interrogation.

This case galvanized lawyers across China. They support Li publicly, and criticize the Chongqing government sharply.

The Li Zhuang case is so important because it is an indicator of how far China has come on its legal reform,”said a Peking University law professor, He Weifang(贺卫方), who also posted a letter to the legal professionals in Chongqing on his blog. In the letter he claimed that the campaign causes people “to feel that time has been dialed back, that the Cultural Revolution is being replayed, and that the ideal of rule of law is right now being lost”.

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In June 2009, Gong Gangmo(龚刚模), an alleged mafia boss, was arrested by Chongqing police for a string of felonies that included murder, illegal weapons trade, drug Continue reading

China’s Justice Ministry issued a notice demanding lawyers to take a loyalty oath to the Communist Party of China

Lawyers of Huainan City, Anhui Province pledge an oath of allegiance to the Communist Party of China

China’s Justice Ministry issued a notice on December 3, 2012 demanding that first-time applicants and lawyers who want to renew their licenses have to take a loyalty oath to the Communist Party. Details of the notice, availble here.

Here’s the full text of the oath, translated at Siweiluozi’s Blog:

I volunteer to become a practicing lawyer of the People’s Republic of China and promise to faithfully perform the sacred duties of a socialist-with-Chinese-characteristics legal worker ; to be faithful to the motherland and the people; to uphold the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and the socialist system; to safeguard the dignity of the constitution and the law; to practice on behalf of the people; to be diligent, professional honest, and corruption-free; to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients, the correct implementation of the law, and social fairness and justice; and diligently strive for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics!

This notice raises much controversy, details here and here.


Innocence Project Founded in Taiwan on Dec.17, 2011

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Prof. Wang Jaw-Perng On Dec. 17, 2011, National Taiwan University law professor Wang Jaw-Perng and three local attorneys announced the establishment of Taiwan Innocence Project. Besides the above-mentioned four initiators, 33 people working in the fields of culture, medicine, religion and social … Continue reading

Nie Shubin Case of China: Wrongful Conviction?

Nie Shubin, a man of 20 years old, was executed in 1995 for raping and murdering a woman. In 2005, another man confessed to the same crimes, reportedly supplying persuasive crime scene details. On September 9, 2011, more than 60 scholars and lawyers called for retrial of the Nie Shubin case. Now the parents of Nie Shubin are still fighting to exonerate their executed son.

Click Mother’s fight to exonerate executed son galvanizes China to learn more about the case.