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The Cost of a Brady Violation: Cuyahoga County Defends $42 Million Lawsuit

Cuyahoga County (OH) Prosecutor Bill Mason has hired Ned Searby, a former federal prosecutor, to defend the county and county officials in a $42 million dollar wrongful imprisonment lawsuit filed by Joe D’Ambrosio, who spent twenty years on death row before his conviction was overturned in 2006. A federal judge ruled that prosecutors had withheld evidence that might have exonerated him.

As establish in Brady v Maryland, prosecutors are obligated to turn over to the defense any evidence that might support the defendant’s innocence. Failure to do so is a Brady violation and can be reversible error, as it was in this case.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports here that Searby will charge the county no more than $745,000 for the defense legal fees.

D’Ambrosio, freed two years ago, was not acquitted of the murder, and the Continue reading