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Attorneys for Howard Guidry accuse Former Texas Prosecutor Kelly Siegler of withholding evidence in Guidry’s 1995 murder trial just a week after another man prosecuted by Siegler, David Mark Temple, had his conviction overturned for the same reason…

Daniel Scheidell finally returns home a month after his 1995 conviction was overturned by a Wisconsin Court…

Advances in DNA technology pave the way for inmates to get new tests on evidence…

Evidence of Police Dishonesty Leads to Overturned Convictions Nationwide

The Gotham Gazette asks, “Are DA’s Doing Enough to Overturn Wrongful Convictions?”

Fabrication of Police Reports Revealed in Japan

Two (!) police scandals were revealed in Japan this week.

One was fabrication of reports and perjury during trial by police officers from the Osaka Prefectural Police, and the other was falsification and concealment of reports by the Kagoshima Prefectural Police.

In the Osaka case, the officers falsified reports and perjured during trial in a  drug case.  The defendant was arrested for obstructing the police officer at a police station. The falsification and perjury involved detention of the defendant in a protection room by a senior officer who did not have the authority to do so. A different officer filed a report saying that the senior officer ordered the confinement, but his superior told to file a false report saying that there was approval by a higher ranking officer. Two reports were then filed. Later at trial, the officers testified that the chain of command was kept. Read about the case here (The Japan Times).

The Kagoshima case involved a suspect who is a gang member.  The victim of the incident told the police officers that he did not know the suspect. A report was filed. Later, the victim changed his statement and told the officers that he knew the suspect. However, the officers fabricated the first report and wrote that the victim knew the suspect, so that the State’s case would not be damaged by inconsistent statements. The charges against the suspect were later dropped. Read about the case here ( in Japanese).

Fabrication of police reports was also revealed recently in Tokyo and Hyogo Prefectures. Both cases were sent to the prosecutor’s office/ indicted.

7th Circuit Court of Appeals Says Officials Not Immune

The federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that police officers and prosecutors are not immune from being sued for alleged constitutional violations. Herb Whitlock and Gordon “Randy” Steidl spent 21 and 17 years respectively in prison before key witnesses recanted, important evidence was deemed unreliable, and they were released. According to the Chicago Tribune here, the ruling will permit Whitlock and Steidl to sue for what Steidl alleged was a “17-year conspiracy Continue reading

Police Departments, We Have a Problem: An Erosion of Trust

Aurora (IL) Police Commander Kristen Ziman was both surprised and a bit offended by praise heaped on the Aurora Police Department for its reinvestigation of a case that prompted the exoneration of Jonathan Moore. Moore had served twelve years for murder when new evidence suggested that he wasn’t the perpetrator. Ziman didn’t think the decision to reinvestigate the case was unusual. It’s the kind of integrity her department shows every day. Doing the right thing, she reasoned, should not be so exceptional as to receive widespread recognition and praise.

What garnered all of the attention? Continue reading