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New Research Suggests Lack of Oversight and Consequence for Prosecutorial Error

New research suggests a lack of oversight and consequence for prosecutorial error and misconduct. The research, detailed here, conducted by the Veritas Initiative—the prosecutorial accountability program of the Northern California Innocence Project—was released yesterday at a University of Texas Law School forum.

From 2004-2008 Texas prosecutors committed error in 91 cases documented in published trial and appellate court decisions. The courts “upheld the conviction in 72 of the cases, finding that the error was ‘harmless.’ In 19 of the cases, the court ruled that the error was ‘harmful’ and reversed the conviction.” From “2004 until November 2011, only one prosecutor was publicly disciplined by the Texas Bar Association.” Austin was the second stop of a national (United States) tour focusing on prosecutorial accountability organized by the Prosecutorial Oversight coalition.