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Recent Rulings Suggest Prosecutorial Immunity Has Boundaries

U.S. District Court Judge Joe Billy McDade has ruled that two McLean County (IL) prosecutors are not immune from all claims of alleged misconduct in a lawsuit filed as a result of the wrongful murder conviction of Alan Beaman. Beaman served 13 years for the murder of ┬áhis former girlfriend Jennifer Lockmiller before the Illinois Supreme Court overturned his conviction. Pantagraph.com reports here that Judge McDade’s ruling is consistent with a recommendation from federal Magistrate Judge Byron Cudmore that prosecutors James Souk and Charles Reynard were immune from claims related to their prosecutorial roles but that immunity does not extend to their involvement in the case before arrest.

Beaman’s lawsuit alleges that the prosecutors conspired with Normal (IL) police officers and a McLean County Sheriff’s officer in framing Beaman for the murder. Continue reading