Bad, False & Exaggerated Science: An Infographic

There is a great infographic on scientific intergrity from clinicalpsychology. net for those interested in pushing for greater regulation and accountability for forensic science and educating others on the risks of scientific evidence. See infographic here…

5 responses to “Bad, False & Exaggerated Science: An Infographic

  1. Carole,

    Great graphic. But note, it presumes that a scientific investigation has actually been conducted. So much of forensics has never even done THAT. But the fact that this much misconduct occurs within the scientific community is, frankly – chilling.

    Thank You,
    Phil Locke

  2. Phil – indeed but I think it puts in perspective the calls (from e.g. the NAS Report) that we need more ‘science’ in our forensic science. If ‘science’ can be this manipulated – perhaps we need to clarify that we want ‘GOOD’ science behind our forensic science! Shouldn’t have thought we needed to clear that up – but looks like we do!

  3. Scope issue in your title: I was expecting to read a post about a science infographic that was bad, false & exaggerated—which would have been far less useful than what you’ve linked to. (So I’m glad I clicked through!)

  4. Carole McCartney

    thanks – just noticed that! will amend!

  5. Thank you for linking to our blog, we greatly appreciate it. We wanted to share another blog that is also relevant to the discussions on this forum:

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