‘Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice’

This 23minutes 41seconds talk by Bryan, will simply blow up and open your mind to a whole new perspective of crime, society, criminal (in)justice, mass incarceration, death penalty, ‘identity/race’ question in the United States. The opposite of poverty is injustice. In a sense therefore, this can be replicated mutatis mutandi whether in the United States, Europe or Africa. It demonstrates clearly, there is work to be done. It was also striking to know that there is no death penalty in Germany. The entire footage can be viewed here.

4 responses to “‘Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice’

  1. This is an inspiring and perceptive presentation. Bryan Stevenson is an promising and effective change agent. The more who hear his message, the better we all will be.

  2. Daniel Ehighalua

    Indeed, Yant. Listening to Bryan speak, you could’nt help but identify yourself either as a victim, or a change agent and resolve to confront the malfeasance.

  3. In Germany capital punishment was abolished in 1949, Article 102 of the Federal Constitution (in German: “Grundgesetz”). In the Constitution of the state Hesse , the death penalty is implemented, but due to the abolition via the Federal Constitution the article in the constitution of Hesse is void.



  4. Daniel Ehighalua

    Thanks Joachim for providing the legal basis.

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