Public Pressure Builds for Sheriff in Michael Hash Wrongful Conviction Case to Resign…

Good for the freedom fighters and vigilant citizens of Culpeper, Virginia.  On the heels of the exoneration of Michael Hash, citizens are putting pressure on Scott Jenkins, the sheriff of Culpeper, Virginia, to resign immediately.  The prosecutor in the case has already resigned after the federal decision throwing out Hash’ convictions strongly condemned the conduct of both sheriff and prosecutors.  More than 150 people showed up at a rally last night to blast Jenkins and demand his resignation.  Excerpt from news coverage:

“Enough is enough,” said citizen Bob Buettgens, mentioning his background in law enforcement, and how he had never seen a judge opine to this level of criticism.

“We are not going to stand for it anymore. We don’t care about your politics or who you’re friends with. You need to step down and be done with it!”

The provoked gathering of young and old posed questions like: 1) if the sheriff broke the law as an investigator why couldn’t he just be charged, convicted and arrested like everyone else 2) are local media reports about what occurred in the case really true and 3) why isn’t Culpeper County Lieutenant of Courts James Mack being held more responsible for his role in the seemingly botched investigation.

Recall Petition organizer Wayne Stephens, a civil engineer from Rixeyville, said the thing that bothered him most was a statement in the judge’s report attributed to Jenkins in which the sheriff said he never believed Hash and his two teenage accomplices killed 74-year-old Thelma Scroggins in her Lignum home.

“Yet he participated in the prosecution of these three boys,” Stephens said. “To me that is a misuse of justice, not excusable by a deputy or a sheriff.”

The avid blogger and apparent activist said you can’t just hide behind the excuse, ‘My boss told me to.’ Stephens called that “a variation of the Nuremberg defense some Germans tried to use after World War II.”

News here and here.

One response to “Public Pressure Builds for Sheriff in Michael Hash Wrongful Conviction Case to Resign…

  1. Corruption and Cover up is everywhere….innocent people are being indicted, convicted and sentenced to life in prison for crimes that they did NOT do….. this link provides a prime example of what is going on in the Judicial Systems….it will SHOCK YOU….every citizen should read it and then watch the trial….this kind of thing can happen to anyone…there is NO FAIR AND JUST anymore…

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