Sunday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Recent Virginia exoneree Michael Hash enjoying his taste of freedom
  • Group of former judges and law enforcement officials file amicus brief asking appellate court to affirm a lower court decision awarding a new trial to Virginia death row inmate Justin Wolfe, who had his conviction overturned after the state’s key witness, a snitch, said he lied at trial to save his own skin
  • Sister of defendant in case that Innocence Network UK wants reviewed by CCRC for possible innocence says she will fight tooth and nail to keep her “guilty” sister from getting relief
  • Defendants in Virginia receive inadequate defense representation on a daily basis
  • Pending legislation in Hawaii would improve eyewitness id procedures
  • New York Times article on the fight of Kerry Max Cook to clear his name
  • Missouri AG signals in court filing that it will oppose the exoneration of Innocence Project client George Allen Jr., after DNA testing excludes him from semen found at crime scene

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